The Olumide Emmanuel Foundation has one over-riding objective: ERADICATING POVERTY & ESTABLISHING LEGACY which is encapsulated in its mission statement: “To Be An Instrument In The Hand of The Creator To Assist The World In Poverty Eradication and Establishing A Positive Legacy For Others To Follow.

To achieve this aim, we have laid forth a SEVEN POINT AGENDA which puts our goals in clear sight and position us to work in synergy as a team to leaving the world a little better than we met it and leaving a footprint of positivity in the sands of time. SEVEN POINT AGENDA As we are set up to reach out to women, children and men in diverse geographical location, cultures and ethnicity cutting across religious and socio-political barriers, we have laid out a seven point agenda serving as our operational blueprint


1. FOOD: Feeding the Hungry.

To achieve this, Olumide Emmanuel Foundation dedicates to agricultural and food sufficiency programmes including but not limited to: Large scale farming, Food Kitchens, Food Banks, Food packs at special seasons

2. CLOTHING: Clothing the Naked

To provide clothing for the under privileged in society, the establishment of charity centres and programmes with efficient monitoring systems and personnel to ensure that those who need it, get it

3. SHELTER: Sheltering the Homeless

Shelter is one of the 3 key needs of the human race but surprisingly, a huge number of individuals across the world are simple homeless as a result of diverse & complex reasons, sometimes too complex to explain.

4. EDUCATION: Educating the Uneducated

Scholarships, Vocational Institutes / Skill Acquisition Centres, Library, Back to school packs (exercise books etc.) Developing a reading culture campaign

 5. HEALTH: Supporting the sick, Protecting/Promoting Healthy Living

Boreholes, Medical Outreaches, Awareness Campaigns, Counseling Centres, Medical bill funding, Hygiene / Essential packs at special seasons, Physically Challenged etc

 6. ENTREPRENEURING: – Empowering the Poor

Trainings, Seminars and Workshops, Micro-Financing and Funding, Entrepreneurial School, Wealth creation empowerment broadcast

7. INVESTMENTS: – Doing Business to Raise Funds for the Foundation

Raising Partners, Investing Funds, Establish Business