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In September of year 2000 as the world entered a new millennium, the united nations headquarter in new York played host to a unique gathering where the world agreed to focus on eight key areas for the first 15 years of this millennium. Known as the millennium development goals. This eight point agenda is expected to be fulfilled by 2015. With just few years to go, the journey is still very far, the OEF has joined the world in doing our part to help make the world a better place, will you join the crusade.


  1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty And Hunger.

Living below 2 dollars a day is the UN definition of poverty, while living below 1 dollar a day is known as extreme poverty which is the level a great percentage of people  operate in especially in Africa.

  1. Achieve Universal Primary Education

Every citizen of the world has a right to basic primary education and millions of people have been deprived of this in different nations of the world.

  1. Promote Gender Equality And Empower Women

The gender discrimination in different nations and various sectors of human existence is no doubt an unwelcome development that needs urgent attention. We all have a part to play and should do.

  1. Reduce Child Mortality.

The statistics of still births, infant and child mortality is so high that it brings tears to ones eyes. it is amazing how poor the medical  facilities are in so many parts of the world even in the midst of plenty due to corruption and lack of good leadership.

  1. Improve Maternal Health

Many women die at childbirth in hospitals all over the world and many survive childbirth but end up with diverse health problems. People’s health and life need not be jeopardized as it is in today’s world, and things must change.

  1. Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria And Other Diseases

Incurable disease have taken a central stage in many lives today and billions of dollars have been spent and is still being spent on finding a cure. Except the cure comes, millions will still face avoidable death.

  1. Ensure Environmental Sustainability

The global warming debate is an ongoing conflict in today’s world, deforestation, gas flaring, and pollution in water bodies’ e.t.c need urgent attention.

  1. Develop global partnership for development

Networking and mergers are no doubt the way forward in today’s world and forging profitable and strong partnership in combating problems is a good agenda. It’s been over ten years now and even though a lot has been done, a lot still needs to be done and the time is short.

Will the MDG’S be achieved by 2015?

That is a big question and we all have a part to play in making our world a better place.

Yours for poverty eradication

Olumide Emmanuel